Violence and aggression

Everyone experiences aggressive feelings occasionally in their lives. In essence, aggression is an invigorating emotion that can be expressed in a variety of ways. When emotions explode violently, aggression becomes a problem. Self-destruction can also be a byproduct of aggression.

Why does violence occur?

A person’s personality, hereditary characteristics, environmental variables, and cultural factors all have an impact on aggression and violence. 

Violence can be increased by some mental illnesses, particularly when they are co-occurring alcoholism. Numerous violent actions involve a personality condition of some kind.


 Stress can make you more likely to act violently. Therefore, using violence becomes a learned pattern of behavior when confronted with a challenging scenario.

Attempts to treat harmful aggression and violence include psychotherapy, dosing, and anger management groups and classes. The Goal of treatment is to find new alternatives to guide aggression.


Being furious impairs your ability to think clearly. In fact, the hurt from a breakup or betrayal makes it difficult for you to make choices. Additionally, you frequently make choices that seriously harm you.

Despite: A hazardous and sour mood
The emotion of despite hasn’t been studied all that much. But psychologically speaking, it is incredibly fascinating. As a result of a betrayal, disappointment, or any other type of personal insult, one feels an acute psychophysiological reaction of negative valence. The damaged person subsequently starts to display complex and hazardous behaviors.

The victim frequently seeks retribution. For instance, if an ex-partner has offended the person, he or she may abuse the ex online, reveal sensitive information about the ex, or start a smear campaign. The victim may also adopt victimhood as a way of life in an effort to bring attention to himself.

Despite this, there is a feeling that swims between two rivers: uncontrollable grief and a bitterness that consumes the person. Dealing with insults, humiliation, and abandonment is difficult, especially when they stem from a relationship that was once loved. This kind of transnational behavior is frequently caused by emotional immaturity mixed with retaliation and poor choices.

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